Breakfast Wars

If there’s one thing plentiful in this town, it’s brunch options. And since I’ll be spending the next 361 days thinking of things to write about, for today I will keep this particular post to two of the most notorious spots: Sound Bites and Ball Square Cafe, located side by side in lovely Ball Square.

Everyone in Somerville has a preference for one over the other. On one hand, it’s only natural that the proximity of their businesses would lend to a healthy air of competition, especially when brunchgoers at both restaurants wait for their tables sipping coffee in outside lines that can’t help but brush against each other during peak hours.

But it goes a little deeper than normal competitiveness. The story as I know it is this:  the owner of the property rented by Sound Bites kicked them out and opened a similar restaurant in its place – the Ball Square Cafe – and not before stealing one of Sound Bite’s head chefs, for good measure. Sound Bites then re-opened next door, and the breakfast wars had begun. If you’re the Gawker sort, you can read all about this somewhat tiring cat fight here. And here. And here.

Though I’d probably be amused to ever witness one of these outbursts in person, I really don’t care much about the drama. I do, however, have my preference: as you’ve probably already guessed, I’ve gotta go with Sound Bites. They get major props for having a savory breakfast option other than eggs (lox on a bagel), a full bar (sometimes it’s just a Mimosa kind of weekend), a more exciting ambiance, and superior hashbrowns (decadently creamy mashed potatoes fried into crispy patties – yum).


DAILY TRIVIA: The average listing price for a home in Somerville is $404,000.



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