Bickfords No More

If you haven’t checked out Brunello Bistro in Winter Hill, it’s worth a visit.  It may be housed in the old Bickfords location, but it’s definitely no Bickfords. There’s even an outdoor seating area (and nope – it doesn’t overlook Broadway Street, if that’s what you’re envisioning.)

Baked gouda

I stopped there tonight with a friend, and we enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and shared the baked gouda appetizer.  Wrapped in philo dough with greens, fresh berries and toasted walnuts, it’s an original concoction by Chef Manuel and is indeed quite delicious. As you can see, the presentation is also pretty impressive.

Brunello has an exceptional wine list, full bar and original menu, not to mention plenty of parking. The staff is always friendly and accommodating, and the chef is always coming out from the kitchen to mingle with the diners, ever interested in their opinions of the food.  There’s even a fireplace in the corner, adding to the cozy atmosphere.

I have been to Brunello a few times and though selfishly it’s kinda nice to have a dining option in Somerville without mad crowds, I’m always a tad nervous that they might have to close if more people don’t hurry up and discover this place. Come on, Somervillians… Davis and Union may be the more obvious draws when contemplating dinner out, but don’t forget to support your local Winter Hill establishments too.


DAILY TRIVIA: The Winter Hill Gang, named for the Somerville neighborhood and once headed by the notorious Whitey Bulger, still  operates today out of South Boston.



8 responses to “Bickfords No More

  1. Looks very tasty. I would def try this place after reading your post

  2. Michael Conneely

    I like the the pics, baked gouda looks good.

  3. Looks like your blog could evolve/niche into “Somerville Gastronomy.” Can’t wait to hear about some of those ethnic places on the stretch of Broadway between Sullivan Square and McGrath/O’Brien Hwy. Then again, you’ve got a long list of places to check out. Keep up the great blogging!

    One question: Do you know if Somerville has any Soul Food joints? I’ve never heard of one but I wonder…

    • The key to writing something every day about Somerville is to not pin myself into a niche, lest I eventually run out of topics… :) I’ll be keeping it broad, but will definitely delve into many restaurants and food options, including the stretch you are talking about.

  4. Heard they were owned by the same people who owned Bread&Company in that location. Possibly why so many people are staying away? (B&C was unfortunately not too good.)

    • I think it is the same owners, but I think they’ve improved the menu and done a great job turning things around – if you feel inclined, maybe give them another shot? Also worth mentioning: they are no longer playing lounge music. ;)

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