Not Quite Spring Fever

Rising from slumber this morning to see little snowflakes falling from the sky made me want to burst into tantrum, retreat back into my warm blankets and hibernate until spring weather is officially here to stay.  In my own personal protest against winter weather in mid-March, I’m going to write about something today that reminds me of spring: biking.

Pretty much anytime after April 1 (and usually before) cyclists can be seen everywhere around Somerville and Cambridge, two of the most bike-friendly communities in greater Boston. People here bike for exercise, fun, commuting purposes, and to minimize their carbon footprints.

The Bike Stop on the Minuteman Bikeway in Arlington, circa 2007

The Somerville Community Path begins at Cedar Street and connects to the Minuteman Bikeway just beyond Alewife station, which makes it possible to ride all the way from Somerville to rural Bedford without having to worry about biking alongside cars and traffic. From my apartment it ends up being a 28 mile round trip, and a fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The Bike Stop circa 2010, painted a dreary shade of gray (?)

The Friends of the Community Path is an organization hard at work advocating for the extension of the path in an effort to connect with Boston and the bike trails along the Charles River. If you are someone in the community who loves biking, please be sure to click on their website for the most recent status update, and to find out how you can become involved. They need our help and support!


DAILY TRIVIA: The earliest highway in Somerville was known as the “Highway to Newtowne” and connected Charlestown Neck to Harvard Square. It was already in use when Boston was settled in 1630.



3 responses to “Not Quite Spring Fever

  1. May I add that the Minuteman Trail is also a Roller Blader’s dream as I used to blade the heck out of that trail back in the day…

  2. Yes, there are indeed also rollerbladers, joggers and walkers on the trail… great place for all kinds of exercise.

  3. I so wish I biked when I visited last year… so great that a town really supports bike riders!

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