Paul Revere “Park”

Some people call this 0.2 acres patch of grass enclosed by a wrought iron fence and no entrance a park, but I think that’s a bit of a stretch. It sits at the corner of Broadway and Main, where Paul Revere rode by toward current day Medford on his famous ride to warn that the British were coming. It also marks the site of the Winter Hill Fort, which was a stronghold during the Revolutionary War and housed some prisoners of war. Click to view the writing on the stone marker:

A second marker in the park serves as a memorial to Anne-Adams Tufts, notable as a Revolutionary War heroine for her nursing services following the Battle of Bunker Hill.


DAILY TRIVIA: You can tour the Paul Revere House, owned by Paul Revere and his family between 1770-1800, in the North End of Boston.



4 responses to “Paul Revere “Park”

  1. Great work digging up all of the Ville history. Usually when people live in a place they tend to ignore a lot of what the city has to offer. Perhaps your blog will change all of that…

  2. Linked to your blog via a Google Alert for the Middlesex Fells and noticed a prior post about Paul Revere Park. Having an avid interest in colonial Massachusetts history, I really appreciate your pointing out these markers. I’ve driven by many times, aware of Revere’s route, but oblivious to this small park. Thanks.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback! I share your interest in colonial history, and I’m glad you are enjoying the posts. Will continue to post other tidbits as they relate to Somerville in the future.

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