To Catch a Flick

Over the past hundred years, Somerville has been host to at least 14 different theatres around the city.  The Somerville Theatre opened its doors in 1914, and remains the last one standing.

Located in the heart of Davis Square, the theatre is a great place to catch a movie or a concert; the view of the screen/stage is impressive from wherever you are sitting. Movie ticket prices are extremely low, ranging from $5-8, and there are only five minutes of ads and previews preceding the feature. You can buy beer or wine at the concession stand too, which makes the theatre a nice alternative to hitting the crowded bars on a Friday night.  Don’t forget to come early and check out the Museum of Bad Art in the basement.

The Lost Theatres of Somerville, based on a past exhibit at the Somerville Museum, goes into much detail about the many theatres of Somerville – it’s a great site chock full of info and history, so do click on the link to read more.


DAILY TRIVIA: President Obama lived on Broadway in Somerville during the late 80s and early 90s, while attending Harvard Law School.



5 responses to “To Catch a Flick

  1. Nice pic! I used to love going to the Somerville Theatre.

    I notice that you say Broadway Street. Interesting as I always thought that it was just ‘Broadway” w/out the street. I didn’t know that you could have a way-street. But apparently way is not by itself as it’s part of Broad so I understand it now.

  2. I just changed it – I think you are right about it simply being “Broadway”. Love the ST too – I remember when you used to go daily when we lived in Teele.

  3. Are these including theatres to see plays, as well?

  4. Nope – movies and concerts, and occasionally other events.

  5. You post great articles Just bookmarked !!!

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