Fresh Meat

McKinnon’s Meat Market in Davis Square is unarguably the best spot around to buy almost any cut of meat at amazingly reasonable prices. I don’t know how they do it, but they manage to undercut the big supermarkets by a landslide.

I have to admit… I can’t be certain that the meat is local. The older woman working at the register told me to ask the owner, but didn’t have his contact info. I’ve always assumed it is based on how fresh it tastes and how much longer it lasts in my fridge than grocery store meat.

Boneless chicken breasts for $1.99/lb - take that, Market Basket.

McKinnon’s also carries some produce, and often a selection of frozen seafood too.  If you have the time to add another stop to your errand list, you can save a lot of money by purchasing your meat here instead of at Stop and Shop or Shaw’s.


DAILY TRIVIA: Sanborn fire insurance maps, still widely consulted today, were invented in Somerville, MA in 1867.



3 responses to “Fresh Meat

  1. The prices are ridiculously low for meat there YES! Back when I ate more meat I used to shop there for the location and the amazing prices. I will say one thing: A couple of years ago was the last time I shopped there. My guess is that the chicken is ‘juiced’ up. I only say this because I’ve since had chicken in Latin lands -where the chicken -w/ no hormones stuck into it has sometimes been killed the day before. The taste difference coupled w/ the way the chicken sits in the stomach is like night and day. Regardless, I shall try to continue my quest towards vegetarianism.

  2. They are significantly smaller than the chicken breasts in Stop & Shop, so I always assumed they weren’t pumped up. Do the chickens down there look like they’re the same size (when alive)? I think it’s good to go maybe 75% veggie; that’s what I strive for anyway.

  3. I just ate some delecious meat from this store for dinner, amazing quality and price. Unbeatable always. I love veggie food too, but as they old saying goes, everything in moderation. a liitle meat is a treat now and then too.

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