Crazy Tacos

If one day you happen to be driving down lower Broadway and find yourself, for reasons beyond my personal comprehension, tempted to make a stop at Taco Bell for lunch, I implore you to keep driving. Just a half mile up on the other side of the street is the best Mexican joint in town – Taco Loco.

Everything I’ve ever tried from their menu is fresh and delicious, not to mention very affordable. I usually try to sample different things when I go, but I have to admit I have a tough time forgoing the $2 tacos. There’s a small seating area downstairs, but it’s often full.

I don’t recall ever seeing another “gringo” there when I stop in; I almost always get a double-take from one or two of the Hispanic folks waiting in line. The people behind the counter are always smiling and friendly. If you’re nearby and haven’t checked this place out, the tasty food and pleasant vibe make it well worth the ride over.

Vegetarian taco and chicken tamale.


DAILY TRIVIA: 600-acre Ten Hills Farm, which spanned parts of present-day Somerville and Medford and was home to Massachusetts’ first colonial governor, utilized Native American slaves. Slavery in MA ended fairly unremarkably when slaves petitioned the courts for their freedom after the Revolutionary War, though it was never officially outlawed.



4 responses to “Crazy Tacos

  1. Just don’t order the mammoth”Plato Loco” (about $11) unless you’re gonna share it with three or four people.
    Taco Loco = Huge thumbs up! A few ‘Gringos’ have told me that they have the best Burrito in the whole wide world…

  2. Ha – only you would attempt to eat that mountainous crazy plate o’ food in one sitting. :)

  3. I love this place. My friend Miguel (from Mexico) is equally impressed. Great bang for your buck, and oh so delecious.

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