Freedom of a Zipster

I’ve owned a car since I was 15 years old. My dad was about to trade in his  ’85 Oldsmobile Calais when at the last minute he decided to give it to me, since I was about to turn 16. I was beyond ecstatic and spent many days out in the driveway washing its silver paint until it sparkled and dreaming of all the places I would soon be able to go of my own accord.

To this day I am addicted to owning a car, and tend to view it almost as an extension of my being.  I would like to give up the habit someday if I end up staying in the city indefinitely.  I do feel a little guilty about it for the whole “carbon footprint” aspect, and also know I’d get a heck of a lot more exercise without it. And there’s really no reason to own one living in a place with so many options: trains, buses, cabs, Enterprise Rent-A-Car for those occasional longer trips to see family… and Zipcar, to get around locally at a price so much more affordable than owning a vehicle.

So at the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, I think a blog about Somerville should include a shout out to Robin Chase and Antje Danielson, Cambridge residents who founded Zipcar right next door about a decade ago. When the weather is lousy and you just don’t feel like walking to the laundromat or grocery store, with a one-time membership fee of $50 you can rent a Zipcar for $8 per hour (or $66 per day). Gas, insurance and maintenance are included.

I’ve heard a lot of raves about Zipcar from friends and co-workers over the years. If I do end up getting rid of the car this spring, which I’m highly considering, I’ll definitely be signing up. If you have Zipcar and agree or disagree with anything I’m saying, you’re welcome to add your thoughts by commenting below.

Looking toward Cambridge/Somerville from Boston.


DAILY TRIVIA: The famed pirate Captain Kidd once hid from the law at Ten Hills Farm and was rumored to have buried treasure somewhere on the property.



2 responses to “Freedom of a Zipster

  1. i tried reading your website from my xperia x10 but it wasnt visible your website supported by mobile browsers?

  2. Hi – I will look into this today. Thanks.

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