Milk Row Cemetary

The Milk Row Cemetery on Somerville Ave is the oldest cemetery in Somerville, and the only burial ground in the area during the time of the Civil War. Established in 1804, it was listed in the State and National Registers of Historic Places in 1988, and contains what is thought to be the first monument in the country to honor the soldiers who died in the Civil War.

The Civil War monument in the Milk Row Cemetary contains the names of the 68 Somerville men who died fighting in the Civil War. Overall, 1,135 men from Somerville fought in the war.

Prominent citizens of Somerville were initially buried in the cemetery, but by the mid 1800s the city was burying all of its paupers on the site in mostly unmarked graves. Though only 155 markers remain, it is thought that 1,800 persons are buried in this small patch of land adjacent to Market Basket.

Due to the age and deterioration of the mostly slate markers, the cemetery is only open to the public during periodically scheduled free tours.


DAILY TRIVIA: The Somerville Theatre Players stock company was formed in 1915. Among the famed actors that got their start here are Ray Bolger (Wizard of Oz) and Francis X. Bushman (Ben Hur).



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