Gargoyles On the Square

One of my favorite restaurants in Somerville is Gargoyles.The first time I went was during restaurant week a few years ago, and it was love at first sight for me and the delicious tuna poke appetizer – to this day I go back for it every few months, when the cravings become too intense to bear any longer.

I’ve been to Gargoyles a handful of times for dinner, and have yet to order something I didn’t find mouth-wateringly delicious. The menu changes frequently which makes it difficult to recommend a particular entree; my favorite so far was a chicken dish that I’ve noticed is no longer listed. The restaurant itself is quite large, but prime seating is in the bar area near the windows, which is fairly cozy. I’ve heard that they pour some nice mixed drinks and I was almost tempted to try a Manhattan when I was there the other night with a friend, but I resisted and went for a UFO.

Do stop by and try for yourself if you’re in the neighborhood and in the mood for fine dining, stiff drinks and a more upscale ambiance than Red Bones or Johnny D’s.

Shrimp Tempura

Signature Hawaiian Style Tuna Poke


DAILY TRIVIA: During the Civil War, part of Clarendon Hill was converted to a pre-deployment training base for recruits called Camp Cameron.



3 responses to “Gargoyles On the Square

  1. The food looks beautiful. I can’t remember how much it costs, but I’m pretty sure it’s the case of: ‘You get what you pay for’.

  2. It’s quite reasonable for apps and drinks – no more expensive than going anyplace else in town. The entrees are in the 20-30 range and though it’s not someplace I can afford to go every day, the occasional dinner there is well worth the price and comparable to what anyone would spend on a night out for (multiple) drinks… So save your pennies, Verde. :)

  3. I would have to agree that while it is not “cheap eats”, it’s also very affordable considering the food is extremely tasteful and inspired with flavor and character. The atmosphere in the restaurant is wonderfull too. And I can tell you firsthand, these guys know how to prepare a good cocktail!

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